Guide to Select Final Year Projects

Project can be defined as a particular task that should be completed on time. During the completion of their graduation, the students must undergo the project work on based on their degree and curriculum as per the university norms. From the first semester till the last semester, they undergo the exams based on theory and practical exam. Theory subjects will have things to learn and write in their exam. Then about practical, they need to work out several set of programs during their whole semester and work out the given program during their exams. So, students would have practiced such type of studies. They feel very different when they hear about their projects. Final year projects study is where they need to choose their area on interested or specialised area. Then they should study about their specialised subject in detail. We can say as this is the time to diverge and converge. Diverge is to choose the specialised and interested area of their subjects and converge is to gain complete knowledge about that subject. This article is to give the general introduction about the project work the graduates should choose. There are centres in Coimbatore to guide about their final year projects. Now let us gain a deep knowledge about Final year projects. 

Projects period is an important time for the graduates because they need to spend more subject knowledge in a very different manner to pick the successful fruit. Here comes the set of questions that they need to ask within themselves, before stepping into their project work.

  1. What will be good idea to take up the project work?
  2. How to take the necessary steps that are advisable for me?
  3. What is my capacity about the subject knowledge to prepare the project report?
  4. What is my specialised technique to carry out the project?
  5. Whether the project will help the student’s career or not

Here are the basic points to ponder while choosing the final year project for ECE, EIE and EEE students.

What type of final year project should the student choose?

As a graduate, you should be well qualified and determined to choose your area of converging and diverging. So, you should choose the project on the area of diverging to enhance the skills on that area technically and theoretically. The project should improve the managerial skills also. The project selected should play a vital role to enhance the knowledge in all aspects in your specified field. Moreover it should be a value added to the degree you are going to complete. 

A look at your Area of Interest:

Nowadays all the engineers choose their projects blindly that are very easy to complete. They also rely on their seniors projects. This is absolutely wrong. An engineer should not do such activities. As a graduate or engineer you should have at least a shallow knowledge about your area of interest if you have learnt a course sincerely and so you should choose the project very determinant. To choose an appropriate project they should know the basic idea about the area and the project and future scope of the project.

If the engineers belong to Computer Science Department then the areas of interest are as follows.

  • Data mining and Warehousing
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Cloud Computing
  • Networks
  • Image Processing
  • Software Testing
  • Network Security

Data mining and Warehousing: 

If the graduates are interested in database management systems they can choose this area. The term data mining is to find the hidden data from the database using various techniques. The answers for the following question can be found out using this data mining methodology. The question is "Whether a company can give a particular percentage of bonus or increment for all the workers in various branches of the world?" The branches might be located in various parts of the world. The sales also varies from place to place and season to season. In thissituation the company should check whether the bonus of similar range for all the employees are possible. The answer for this question will not be present in the database. Thus various techniques shall be applied to find out the answer for this type of questions. The techniques that can be applied to find out the solution in Data mining are Classification, Clustering, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Association Rules, Regression Technique, Decision trees etc.

Database Security:

This topic covers major areas of computer security, information security and risk management. Those who are interested in safeguarding the information from the databases from malware infections, damage of data and programs, attacks and failure of database services and functions, overloads of data etc are the problematic tasks where the graduates find the possibilities of undergoing the project work

Fuzzy Logic:

Fuzzy logic is defined as infinite value logic. The truth values are true and false. True can have the value as 1 and false as 0. The concept of fuzzy logic has the values in between 0 and 1. This is used to denote the undetermined answers such as may be, either yes or no. If then rules can be applied to determine the values. This shall be applied in field like control theory and artificial intelligence. The graduates who are interested in these fields can take Fuzzy logic as their area of interest as proceed with the project.

Networks and Network Security: 

Network is an old area of research. Even though, the challenging problems are newly available more in number in this online service automated world. Today’s online world has many challenging problems in our day to day life for the customers who are accessing the online banking account, railway reservation or any ticket reservation etc. The problems oriented with Wifi routers, Hyperspeed signalling, Control Hacking works, Wireless Intelligent networking, Cryptography and network security, Mobile Adhoc Network, Bluetooth area, protocol etc will give a good improvement in enhancing the knowledge of the graduates who are interested in the field of networks.

Image Processing:

The graduates those who are interested in computer graphics can choose the image processing area. This is a wonderful and interesting area where the images are involved. The topics of this area are object tracking, facial expression recognition, image retrieval and storage, medical images diagnosis, agricultural and urban area classification etc. All these topics will favour society oriented problems and will be definitely useful for the welfare of the public and improvement of the society. 

Information Security:

Information Security is the process of securing data everywhere. The concepts of cryptography, encryption and decryption techniques, steganography, watermarking etc are mixed with information security topics. The problems in information security are image authentication based on watermarking approach, Digital watermarking to hide text messages, android text encryption using various algorithms, Secure online auction system, using RFID, QR code & OTP in all the security systems, Using Diffie Hellman Key exchange on cloud, Detecting phishing using machine learning, Using RSA, Triple DES, AES algorithms in image steganography, ATM security and so on. The graduates those who are interested in such types of fields can choose this challenging field.

Mobile Computing and Grid Computing:

Mobile computing is an interaction between a human and a portable device same like a remote device accessing the network. It has mobile hardware, software, adhoc networks communication properties, protocols etc. Mobile computing satisfies portability, connectivity, interactivity and individuality. Applications of mobile computing fields are Airline and Railway Industries, Transporting industry, manufacturing and mining industries, Banking and Financial institutions as well. Interested students can go ahead with this area of research. Thefield of Grid computing is also like cloud computing but the difference is the resources available in grid computing will do one common job successfully. The computing challenges remains common for both.

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • VLSI
  • Communication
  • Embedded Systems

Digital Signal Processing (DSP):

The graduates those who choose this DSP should know the processing of the digital and audio signals. This project contains simulation process done by MATLAB software. No hardware is required for signal processing. This topic will be suitable for EEE and EIE graduates also. 


When the graduates choose this area, the students should know VLSI system and new IC design. The vendors like Altera and Xilinx used to implement these projects. Even EEE students can undergo VLSI projects based on machine control, electrical communications and so on whereas, ECE projects will be based on communication technologies


If the graduates choose communication, they should have the knowledge of basic networks, communications using DTMF, GSM, PC, XBEE, RF, RFID and Smart card. They should know the transmitters, wireless internet and Bluetooth technology that are changing day by day. All these technologies are originated from communications. Thus they should know the basic strategies of these area.

Embedded Systems:

The embedded system will give knowledge about the real time applications when this is chosen. The advantages of choosing this embedded systems projects are easy to demonstrate, cost efficient, easy to understand and explain. There are many types of microcontrollers like 8051, AVR and PIC to develop. The board 8051 gives the knowledge about microcontroller 8051 easily and quickly when learnt. Thus choosing this area will also bring a good scope in future. 


Thus based on these guidelines students can choose any major area for their final year projects. There are centres for final year projects those who guide their students on their right path. Final year project center in Coimbatore will not work for the students, but guide the students to gain knowledge as their strong foundation for their bright and fruitful future.

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